Capacity Building

The InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) is uniquely placed to build the capacity of, and empower, regional networks of academies and their national members, who represent excellence in science, engineering and medicine in their countries.
  • IAP supports cooperation and capacity building of its four regional networks of academies and their national members through grants and professional opportunities;
  • strengthens cooperation and sharing good practice between regional networks, and with other influential international science networks;
  • in partnership with the respective regional networks, strengthens the capacity of existing merit-based academies and – where there is a critical mass of excellence - supports the formation of new ones;
  • facilitates the inclusion and engagement of scientists across geographies, ethnicities, genders and generations, and builds a cadre of ambassadors for the academies in their efforts to serve society;
  • promotes responsible, open, transparent, efficient, impactful and more environmentally friendly ways of working together;
  • encourages member academies to serve their respective societies as relevant, proactive, accessible and visible institutions, so that they become vital parts of their respective national science, engineering and medical systems.

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